Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone from complete FOREX novice to experienced FOREX traders who want to understand the bigger picture and??gain consistent results.

When is the course run and how much does it cost? How much does the indicator alone cost?

We try to fit in around your schedule to teach you how to use the high probability 4XTrader method. Prices on application.

The FDIS Indicator retails for $AUD 495.00 ($AUD 450 plus 10% GST). A free trial for the indicator is available for a two week period.

What information do I??require before making??my purchase?

Apart from your credit card or PayPal information, we also require your Machine ID to be able to license your indicator for your copy of NinjaTrader . This ID has to be copied into the check out form – so please have??it somewhere handy before you start making your purchase. To obtain your Machine ID for the FDIS Indicator open??the “Help” menu in NinjaTrader 8 and select “3rd Party Licensing”. Complete the form as follows:

  • “Vendor name” type in “FDIS”
  • “User defined ID” can be your name,??your affectionate computer name or something of interest to you

The bottom text box then contains your Machine ID that is required for the purchase. Please keep a copy??accessible for the checkout.

What happens after I purchase my Indicator from 4xtrader?

After your payment is processed, you will receive your personal copy of the indicator within 24 hours.??We need to personally license your indicator to your machine ID, which is the reason that you cannot simply download the indicator.

What are the Minimum PC Requirements?

Your PC must meet the minimum requirements listed below to run the FDIS Indicator on NinjaTrader 8:

  1. Operating System; Windows 7 – 10, Windows Vista (SP2) w/ Platform Update, Windows Server 2008 w/ Platform Update, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  2. 1 GHz or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  3. 2 GB RAM
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5??(pre-installed on most PC???s and can be downloaded here: Microsoft .NET Framework)
  5. Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
  6. DirectX10 compatible graphics card highly recommended

What are the Recommended PC Specifications?

NinjaTrader 8 was designed to take full advantage of modern PC architecture. To achieve the highest possible level of performance, NinjaTrader 8 will utilize all available CPU cores and additional memory resources. Depending on your actual usage with NinjaTrader, you may need more or less resources than the average user. Additional memory will be of direct benefit when running strategy optimizations. The amount of additional memory needed is proportional to the number of CPU cores available.

  1. 2 GHz or faster quad core 64-bit processor
  2. 8 GB RAM or more
  3. DirectX 10 compatible graphics card
  4. SSD Hard Drive
  5. Multiple monitors with at least 1900 x 1200 screen resolution

Can I run the software on a Mac?

You have to have a Windows installation as per the “what are the PC requirements?” questions above. This can be achieved with any of the virtual PC platforms. A search for “5 ways to run windows on a Mac” is a great start. When you have 10 or more charts open, you want an efficient platform, so pick the appropriate program.

Will I receive ongoing support?

We provide with all the learning material during your course. After the course we will attempt to provide ongoing support where able.

Are there any additional costs for indicator updates in the future?

All purchases of the FDIS Indicator and FDIS Trading course are entitled to free indicator version upgrades.

Are there tuition discounts for family members?

Should your partner, parents or children also wish to take the course with you, they are entitled to a family discount and pay $AUD 1,100.00 per person ($AUD 1,000.00 plus 10% GST). Please use our “Contact us” page for arrangements.

NB: no discount is available for indicator only purchases.

How much money do I need to open a trading account with a broker?

A free demo account can be openend with most brokers that support NinjaTrader 8. Funding amount minimums vary with??broker selection as well as country and start from around $USD 500.

How long will I take to learn to trade FOREX consistently profitably?

This depends a little bit on your experience. To trade FOREX profitably and consistently a lot of mental and procedural practice is required. Some experienced traders have done this course and were able to have only profitable trades for a whole month straight away, others take longer. The average learning and settling-in period before consistent results appear in demo and live trading is 6 months.

I get stressed easily. Is trading for me?

To trade consistently and successfully on an emotional scale from -5 to +5 we want to maintain a level of 0 to +1 whilst trading. There are techniques aavailable to calm your mind and work in synergy with the proven FDIS Trading system. However, trading is not for everyone.

Do I have to stare at screens for hours on end?

No, the idea is to only look at the screens every 15 minutes after assessing the overall situation/ level for the pairs you are trading at the start of the day and consulting the economic calendar. Fewer high probability trades will increase your confidence and bank balance more than stressful frequent low probability guesses.

Will I get rich quick?

Despite what some people think or advertise, FOREX trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes dedication, practice and a methodical and disciplined approach.

What is a Pip?

A Pip is a price unit of measure (percentage in point, or price interest point) of currency pairs. Where there is only one digit before the comma, this equates to change in the 0.0001th decimal place. For Yen pairs this is a change in the 0.01th decimal place.
E.g. AUDUSD moves from 0.7650 to 0.7651 equals 1 pip move.

Why are FOREX currencies always quoted as pairs?

The value of one currency is related to that of another. Otherwise the single currency itself cannot have any change.
If we buy a currency (go ???long???), we buy the front currency and sell the back currency. The opposite applies for ???short??? trades.
E.g. we go ???long??? the AUDUSD, we buy the AUD and sell the USD (and profit when the AUD value increases compared to the USD)

If I choose the wrong trade direction, will I lose all my money?

We only enter with a position size appropriate for the amount of risk we are prepared to take. So for each trade we place, we work out the maximum risk, or dollar amount we are prepared to lose. For a trade in the wrong direction or with an inaccurate entry point, our maximum fixed stop loss takes this into consideration. Not allowing for slippage, our maximum loss is then the % risk we are prepared to take, e.g. 2% of the capital or as desired.

Can I only trade when the price is going up?

With FOREX, we can trade in both directions.
Buying with the expectation that the currency pair is going up is called going ???long???.
Selling with the expectation that the currency pair is going down is called going ???short???.

How does leverage work?

Most brokers offer a range of leverages from 50:1 to 500:1.
The amount you have in your account can than be leveraged for trades by the broker leverage??factor.
E.g. you have $2,000 in your account and your broker has 50:1 leverage available.
You can then place trades up to $2,000 x 50 = $100,000.

Please note, the higher the leverage, the more the trade is able to win and lose.

What is the spread?

Spread is the difference between the buying and selling price of the currency pair. The tighter (or smaller) the spread the less the pair has to move before the trader can be in profit. Conversely a large spread means the position does not have to move as far against the trader before the position??is stopped out.

Should I be trading when there is a major news release for maximum quick profit?

Major news events can and often do herald??volatility in the FOREX market. ??The FDIS trading system uses a fixed??stop loss, hence it is inadvisable to be in the market when ???High??? impact economic news releases are announced within a few hours for to be traded currency pairs. At the actual time of the news release the spreads frequently widen to such an extend that many traders with a tight stop-loss are taken out of the trade. The website myfxbook.com lists economic news releases on a calendar and should always be consulted every day before trading. Items to avoid trading initially include: Interest rate decisions, Non-farm-payrolls in the USA, BOE???s Governor Speech, FOMC Member Speeches, etc.

When is the FOREX market open?

The FOREX market is generally open Monday to Friday for 24 hours.

Am I limited to trading from only certain offices?

You can trade wherever you have Internet access. The FDIS trading system provides insight into the Asian, London and New York FOREX sessions. The best returns are usually made when the London and NY markets are active.

What is slippage?

Slippage is the difference between the nominated exit price (for both stop loss and take profit orders) and the actually executed price. When trading during ???High??? impact news events or times of low liquidity, slippage may be significant and adversely affect risk.

How do I install my FDIS Indicator NinjaScript?

NinjaTrader makes the installation of indicators very straight forward. Simply select the “Tools” menu from the main window and select “Import > NinjaScript” and in the Explorer window that opens, select the FDISIndicator zip file that you have downloaded after purchase or selecting the trial option.

import NinjaScript

Add your license number to activate your indicator in the appropriate fields.

How do I add the??FDIS Indicator to my charts?

Simply add a new FOREX chart and right-click on the chart or select “CTRL + I” to open the indicator panel.

Next add the “FDIS” and “FDIS TradersDynamicIndex” Indicators to your chart as per the following picture and press “Ok”.

Add the 2 FDIS indicators