The FDIS FOREX Trading indicator for NinjaTrader 8 is created to be emotionally passive to limit adverse nervous responses to trading and utilizes 15 minute candlestick charts. The important trading sessions are automatically drawn such that price action in the Asian, London and New York Session can be easily followed. Additional inbuilt features include the StopHunt Boxes, areas where the market is likely to reverse in certain conditions. The previous day???s highs and lows are drawn. These along with the daily average price range indication can??also provide profitable insight into the levels of support and resistance.

A data window finishes off the chart setup. Here the price information is displayed for the pair, how far the current price is from the daily extreme values and the market open. Relevant daily ranges are shown, as well as a strategic overview of the last week price action and a pin bar recognition tool that works on several time frames.

Using all the tools available on the chart, plus candlestick pattern recognition, level recognition and trade types all taught in the course, you can technically analyze the FOREX market. As a result you can then make very precise entries that abide by your personal ???attack criteria???. Most successful entries will have four to five pieces of corroborative information with the FDIS Trading method; there is no more guessing.

The following elements are built into the FDIS indicator:

Data window

  • Price Information
  • Spread
  • Distance from daily high/ low
  • Today???s daily range, yesterday???s daily range, FDIS??ADR, 50 ADR & 180 ADR
  • Pips from open
  • Strategic overview of last 5 trading days
  • Pin bar recognition tool


  • Session boxes (Asian, London and NY)
  • Range indications for Sessions boxes including range alert for excessive Asian trading
  • Exponential Moving Averages
  • Stop Hunt boxes
  • Yesterday???s low and high
  • Average Daily Range indication (ADR)
  • Pre-configured??Relative Strength Index (RSI)

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