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Consistent profits in the FOREX market can only be achieved by using a system that allows you to recognize high probability and low risk setups. The FDIS Indicator interfaces with your NinjaTrader 8 charts to give you just that edge. Additionally we provide online and live classes to teach each trader how to maximize your chance of success- from novice to seasoned Trader. There are several ways to analyze the FOREX market, either technically or fundamentally. Large banks use both methods to determine the levels where the currency pair should trade, after technically looking where the prices will have to travel to, so they do not have to ???carry as many winners along???. The FDIS Trading method uses the large institutional trading tricks to your advantage. In a seemingly random playing field, even the big firms need to abide by a set of rules and regulations. Knowing these rules exist, we can bring order to the seemingly chaotic FOREX price fluctuations.

You do not need to look at Fibonacci Numbers, MACD or any other number of indicators whilst constantly calculating how much to invest in a trade. All our trade entries have a fixed maximum stop-loss. You do not have to watch the screens constantly all day. Give yourself the chance you deserve in the FOREX market with the FDIS System. Book the course if you really want your eyes opened and to see through the market tricks.

If you have done Market Maker Trading before on other trading platforms and you say it???s time to upgrade to the NinjaTrader Software, the FDIS Indicator only package is the right choice for you.

4xTrader screen

The FDIS FOREX Course spans two days and is presented live in-room or via online presentation and contains the following content:

  1. FOREX Market overview
  2. How the Institutional Banks make their money
  3. Explanation of the chart setup
  4. Price pattern analysis
  5. Trend analysis
  6. Trade arsenal appropriate for the situation
  7. Risk Management including calculating position size
  8. A touch on trading psychology
  9. Daily 4XTrader checklist
  10. Sample trades and trade replays
  11. Wrap up and further tips

The course is suitable for??complete FOREX novices and up to experienced traders that seek??consistently positive results.